Welcome landlords and managers!

Washington States largest landlord association serving landlords statewide with local meetings in your area. Our membership includes rental owners and managers ranging from one rental unit or house, to large scale apartment complexes.

Member Services

Access and download dozens of forms or documents necessary to properly manage your rental business. You will also receive our quarterly newspaper with timely, informative and interesting articles functionally organized to assist, guide and train landlords and real estate investors.


January through March finds us very busy working in Olympia with the legislature in furthering good laws and fighting bad laws for landlords and property managers.


Attend our local meetings in cities across the state to network one-to-one with WLA members, guests, and vendors.


The WLA Quarterly is a state-wide 24-page landlord publication going out to over 43,000 Washington landlords and managers.

Advice Line

Our most popular service is our 15-minute telephone access to advice on rental field problems and general business situations, including investment tips.

Rental Forms

Our forms include over 36 documents specific to Washington State that are essential to anyone in the housing industry.

Tenant Screening

Low cost and includes nation records that include criminal, civil, bankruptcy, eviction, ID verification, address history and WLA's own rating system.

Vacation Watch

You play... We watch. Now you can rely on WLA to take care of your properties while you are away. The cost is only $5.00 per unit for every two weeks you are away. Plus costs of repairs, on-site visits, etc.

Member Bonuses

Receive free membership for up to 6 months from membership referrals, suggestions, or partnerships.

Setting Rents

Advisory help with determining, setting, and processing rents. WLA conducts periodic rent and vacancy surveys in King, Spokane, Pierce and Thurston Counties.

Just starting out? Or need a refresher?

Landlording is a long-term commitment with demanding requirements of your time. If you are just starting out or just need a refresher on the landlording basics, it is highly recommended to start here. The articles in the Landlord Basics category contains information that is essential to becoming a successful landlord. You will learn about money saving tips and ways to avoid lawsuits, how to properly handle your notices, basic steps in processing rental turnovers and how to get started in the rental industry.

Ready to join?

Washington Landlord Association is paving the way to establish a resource to educate and supply business tools to help make landlording fun and profitable. Our membership is an affordable cost of $50.00 per year and opens the door to a long list of valuable benefits.