Tenant Screening Services

Easy setup. No inspections needed. Only $20 per appliocant.

National Criminal Records

Felony, Misdemeanor and Sex Offender records.

National Bankruptcy Records

10 year history for all bankruptcy records.

National Eviction Records

Eviction records include address of unlawful detainer (when available) and amount of any monetary judgment.

Identity Verification

We will ensure that the SSN is valid and does not have any alerts. The drivers license (state ID) is also cross checked with state records to check for any suspended or expired status. When we descover alias names, they will also be submitted with our search.

Address History

Address histories can help get an idea of how often the tenants move or help you get in touch with previous landlords.

Tenant Fitness Rating

Our fitness rating was developed with the help of Washington's largest landlords association and has been trusted by our customers since 2009. The simple scoring method helps you minimize your risks using 17 statistical factors proven to predict good tenants.

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Eviction Process

The following list details the eviction procedure for residential tenants under Washington Law. More legal details and explanations can be found by visiting our knowledge-base.

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