Tenant Screening Features

Easy setup. No inspections needed. Only $15 ($20 if using fax or email).

All reports include the following features:

National Criminal Records Felony, Misdemeanor and Sex Offender records.
State-wide Criminal Records Includes felony, misdemeanor, juvenile, sex offender, infractions and criminal traffic cases, along with alerts on open warrants.
National Bankruptcy Records 10 year history for all bankruptcy records.
National Eviction Records Eviction records include address of eviction along with the name of the landlord/manager and amount of any monetary judgment.
State-wide Civil Records Washington court records; Collections, Garnishments, NSF-Checks, Name Changes, Harassment, Small Claims, Tax Warrants.
Social Security Verification We will make sure the SSN is valid and does not have any alerts.
WA Drivers License Verification We will make sure the license is valid in WA state and that is is not suspended or expired.
National Address History 10 year residence history (Now with dates)
Alias Names Any alternate names that show up using our SSN verification will also be checked against all record databases mentioned above.
Tenant Fitness Rating WLA also provides a tenant fitness rating as to likely-hood of tenant success using 17 statistical factors proven to predict good tenants.